Moapa Valley OHV Roundup Recap

The 1st Bi Annual Moapa Valley OHV Roundup took place November 13-15, 2015 in Moapa Valley and was a fun weekend for everyone!

Event organizer Mary Kay Washburn said: “This was our first event and some parts of it were kind of hectic,” said MVRP president Mary Kay Washburn. “But we’ve been really pleased by the response we got. We didn’t have a lot of people pre-register so we were concerned about attendance. But then a lot people just came and supported us and we’ve had a great time. We’ve learned some things to improve upon for the next event, but overall are really pleased with how things went.” You can read the full article in the Moapa Valley Progress.

The event kicked off on November 11 as participants rode their Off Road Vehicles in the Moapa Valley Veteran’s Day Parade.

Video will be posted shortly.

Moapa Valley OHV Roundup March 2016

The 2nd Bi Annual Moapa Valley OHV Roundup will take place March 25-27, 2016 and will include even more fun events like an Easter Egg Hunt, a visit from the Off Road Easter Bunny, and more.

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