Welcome to Overton Sign

History of the Overton Sign– It was built and installed at the onset of summer 1966, by Jack Heitmann and the Moapa Valley Lyons Club which Jack was the founding President of the club. The sign was a team project and was erected with material purchased by Mr. Heitmann with his own personal funds as the Lyons Club had no money at the time. Mr. Heitmann owned the property where the sign is currently located which had no right of way to the county or the state but was owned in its entirety by Mr. Heitmann. A Plaque is in the process of being made to commemorate Mr. Heitmann and the Lyons club contribution to the valley and will be affixed to the sign when completed. The Lyons Club was dissolved and no longer exist in Moapa Valley. Mr. Heitmann installed the Organization signs at both ends of Moapa Valley also.

Improvements to the Sign were completed as a result of a Boy Scout Eagle Project accomplished by Joseph Muhlestein under the direction of the scout leader Andrew Meeks.

The MVRP has set up an ongoing program where individuals or businesses “‘adopt”the sign each month and decorate it. There has been a tremendous, positive response to this project!

Read the Moapa Valley Progress Story about this project.

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