Logandale Trails Map

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This map contains trail and viewpoint descriptions commonly used by the locals and regular visitors to Logandale Trails System. This map is not an official map of the Trails System and does not include an BLM Official Trail #s or descriptions.  Map is not to scale and is not intended to replace any official Trail Maps available for the area. Scroll further down to download/print a PDF Map.

This map is intended to give you an overview of the trail, and does not take the place of responsible planning by anyone choosing to use this map for navigational purposes. Always verify routes and information before planning your ride. Map creator is not responsible for any issues arising from the use of this map.

partners-in-conservation-moapa-nvThe Logandale Trails System is managed by the Bureau of Land Management, and the BLM has just designated Partners Conservation (PIC) as the Steward for the Logandale Trails. PIC will be working diligently in the coming months to prepare updated maps and information.


If you have questions, comments or concerns about Logandale Trails, please contact PIC at ltsinfo@mvdsl.com or call 702-219-2033

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Petroglyph Site Etiquette

The term “rock art” refers to petroglyps(incised, strecked or scratched) and pictographs(painted) preserve the ideas and beliefs of earlier inhabitants.Sadly, many rock art sites are now being damaged by the impact of modern visitation.


  • Treat these sites with respect; they are an irreplaceable part of our cultural heritage. Enjoy the images only by viewing, sketching, or photographing.
  • NEVER chalk, trace, or apply anything (EVEN WATER!) to rock art. These activities make it dificult to date the rock art.
  • NEVER make rubbings or castings; such practices can permanently damage the images.
  • Rock surfaces are often very fragile.
  • Never build fires in or near sites; soot and charcoal can damage rock art.
  • LEAVE ARTIFACTS IN PLACE! They may reveal a critical clue to their origina and it is illegal to remove them!

There are 3 FREE Logandale Trails Maps on this page:

  1. A PDF map with GPS coordinates that you can download/print.
  2. A Google Earth KMZ File that you can download and use in your navigation system
  3. A Digital Map that you can view on your computer/mobile device.

1. PDF Logandale Trails Map

Click the image below to open a PDF Version of this map.


2. Google Earth KMZ Map

Click here to download a Google Earth File for the Logandale Trails System

3. Interactive Online Map

  • Click on markers below to view GPS Info about the marker location.
  • You can filter makers by choosing a category from the “Filter by” search field (trail markers, restaurants, lodging, etc..)

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