About MVRP

The MVRP is bringing about the revitalization and sustainability of Moapa Valley thru worthwhile projects. Be a part of something amazing! Join the MVRP!

The Moapa Valley Revitalization Project was formed in 2013 to bring about the revitalization and sustainability of Moapa Valley through worthwhile projects.

Founding Board Members were:

  • Mary Kaye Washburn, President
  • Kathi Cooper, Vice President
  • Jocelyn Witsken, Secretary
  • Marjorie Holland, Treasurer
  • Shelly Benkman, Public Relations

Other Founding Members:

  • Audree Lytle; Pat Christensen

Mission Statement

“The Moapa Valley Revitalization Project consists of a group of citizens whose adoration for the Valley has brought them together to encourage and assist the community and its entities to provide a harmonious atmosphere of cohesiveness and cooperation for the betterment and revitalization of Moapa Valley.”

Core values

M: Maintain and increase the integrity of Moapa Valley.

O: Organize meaningful projects to beautify the community.

A: Assist existing entities and provide a support system on projects benefiting Moapa Valley.

P: Preserve the history and beauty of Moapa Valley.

A: Always operate in a professional manner in all endeavors.


Our home town… where generations thrive!


To revitalize, beautify, preserve and encourage community pride.

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